Judith Leiber's Flamingo Minaudières
22 August 2017

Judith Leiber’s Flamingo Minaudières

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on the blog before, but those of you who also follow me on Instagram would know that I’m a MASSIVE fan of flamingos. So yes, you can probably imagine how happy I am to have found these gorgeous gems by Judith Leiber, and to be writing about them right here.

Anyhoo, these 2 flamingo minaudières, from Leiber’s Fall 2017 collection are really keeping my flamingo fever going, especially since summer is almost over. I’ve been a fan of her creations (particularly the three-dimensional ones) ever since I saw the duck minaudière Mr. Big gave Carrie in Sex and the City, because they’re all, in their own way, collector’s items, and well, also because I’m quirky like that. Truth be told, I’d probably have gotten a few of my own, if the price point was more accessible and didn’t have to cost me an arm and a leg. That said, you already know I love these fanciful birdies, so I’ll leave my fawning adoration out. Oh, possibly the only thing about these beautiful evening bags that irks me, is their yellow crystal eyes. Why yellow though, because it makes them look a little possessed, don’t you think?

Images via Judith Leiber