Judith Leiber Now Open in Pavilion!
30 January 2013

Judith Leiber Now Open in Pavilion!

Remember that scene in the earlier seasons of Sex and the City when Big gave Carrie a crystal-encrusted Mandarin Duck clutch to wear to a dinner party, and after which she told her friends “He gave me a duck“? Just like the scene in which Carrie was mugged in an alley and practically made the Fendi “it’s not a bag, it’s a Bag-uette!” and icon, this was another of those epic moments in the series when the world got acquainted with Judith Leiber and her amazing hard-cased crystal encrusted minaudières in every 3-dimensional whimsical shape, animal and even cultural landmark available.

After that pivotal scene with the Mandarin Duck and how Carrie was so displeased with it, Judith Leiber became a staple on SATC. Perhaps, it was more of the simpler (but still no less expensive!) box clutches with Swarovski details, the next minaudière of this sort was spotted in the first Sex and the City movie on Charlotte’s daughter, who carried the cupcake clutch to Carrie’s wedding that culminated in her being stood up at the altar.

Believe it or not, these one-of-a-kind investment pieces were born out of a mistake – Leiber had actually initially used crystals to conceal the banged-up shipment of dented hard-shell evening bags that she received! Who’d have thought a cover-up would end up being her signature iconic style and turn her into the Queen of Crystal Minaudières whose intricate designs have been a Red Carpet staple? Now, if only they didn’t cost thousands of pretty pennies. And I’m talking about Ben Franks here, which means it would set you back a neat 5 figure sum in Ringgit. It really doesn’t matter that sometimes you can’t even put your phone in them now that smartphones are getting bigger, because these conversation starters are works of art themselves with only a maximum of 250 pieces being produced globally. 

Guess what? Now you can also get your hands on these Leiber creations! Previously available at Tribeca in KLCC< they now have their own standalone store at Pavilion, though I must say, I don’t know why it’s in the middle almost like a pop-up store instead of an actual boutique because their bags certainly deserve a better home to be showcased in! 

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the store (sorry I don’t have prices in MYR!) 

Finch Minaudière 

Gold Present Crystal Minaudiere – US 4,695
William Crystal Frog Minaudière – US 5,995

I sure won’t mind collecting Leiber’s creations! Now, if only I had the unlimited funds to do so!

Images via Sex and the City and Judith Leiber.