Jimmy Choo's "Clancy" Clutches from Cruise 2012
7 November 2011

Jimmy Choo’s “Clancy” Clutches from Cruise 2012

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the year — say what? It’s November already! And we all know what this means for all of us doesn’t it? That’s right, ’tis the Holiday season, and this means end-of-year parties, balls, and galas for most of us! So in lieu of that, I thought I’d give you all a head start to and give you some ideas on shopping around for those party bags.

Clancy in black satin with hot fix
Clancy in Nude Satin with Hotfix (beaded details)
Clancy in Red Satin with hot fix (beaded details)

Yes, due to the recent spike in terms of fashion events in my social calendar (well, okay the past one year I mean), I am now constantly on the hunt for clutches. Truth be told, I was once quite careless, because I tend to leave things lying around, especially things that I’m holding in my hand .. which is why I never used to like or use clutches simply because I was too afraid that I’d leave it somewhere. Well, I have since learnt how to hang onto my clutch for dear life, and now feel more comfortable holding a clutch in my hand. This has slowly but surely, eventually led to my newfound obsession and love affair with clutches, be they evening or of the oversized sort. Well okay, not super duper oversized because I don’t’ see the logic in lugging something as big as a pillow about town; and neither can I work with a minaudière because they’re just too tiny for me. But these satin Clancy clutches are just right. While I’m not such a fan of the black version which reminds me of a starlit sky, I find the red and nude version more appealing.

Images courtesy of Jimmy Choo