Spotlight On: The Making of Fendi's Selleria
28 October 2011

Spotlight On: The Making of Fendi’s Selleria

The distinctive features of Fendi’s Selleria line are the topstitching and unique serial number (along with the matching serial number on the dustbag). Apart from Limited Editions, bags and leather goods from the Selleria line are the only ones which have their own serial number plate which is made of sterling silver. Every item from the Selleria line is assembled entirely by hand and is therefore, the epitome of true craftsmanship and artistry.

Here are some image stills from the Selleria-making process!

Paper Patterns & Cutting Tools


Cutting on the Roman Leather


Roman Leathers


Dyed Roman leathers


Leather skins


Closeup of artisan using the pattern and cutting on the leather








Tools for Silver Plating


Sewing on the Silver plate with serial number


Semi-finished Selleria Baguette

Images courtesy of Fendi