Newsflash: Hermès 2-Day Only Sale on Rue La La!
12 April 2012

Newsflash: Hermès 2-Day Only Sale on Rue La La!

Whether they be Birkins, scarves or even their accessories and jewellery, getting your hands on anything Hermès is pretty much a feat in itself. Well, not for the next 2 days though! Because Rue La La is having a 2-Day Only event with lots of Birkins, Kellys, scarves, and jewellery.

The items up for sale are mostly vintage (i.e. used), but there are some which are brand new! I was stoked to hear about this event, and have literally been counting down the days and hours. I logged into the site at 10:40pm local time (10:40am EST). Once the clock struck 11, I refreshed the page, but I guess gazillion more people have been “camping out” on the site and refreshing the page, because at 11:03, everything that I was hoping to get, was already sold out! In under 3 minutes! Well, I wasn’t going for the Birkins nor Kellys (but if you’re planning to get hold of these precious babies, please hurry!) they come in all sorts of leathers and sizes: there’s ostrich, alligator, lizard, and even the two-toned ones that are super-rare and even harder to get your hands on compared to the solid coloured versions, which is already akin to the Holy Grail.

I guess you must be wondering what I wanted, yes? Well, I’ve been looking for twillys for some time now, and the ones that I’m eyeing are no longer produced so I was hoping that they were going to be some at the Rue La La event. But oh well, no twillys. And as for the other things that I want but are all sold out, they’re the Collier de Chien cuffs (more commonly known as the CDC, for short).  I also wanted the Jige clutch but it was only available in blue (it’s brand new if you’re interested!) Sigh, I’m disappointed that I didn’t manage anything at all that I really wanted and was looking forward to. But if you are looking for Kellys and Birkins, there are still plenty left!!

Rue La La is an invitation-only sample sale website (much like Reebonz and Gilt), but you’re in luck! I’m extending invitations to my fellow readers, so just Click Here for instant access now to avoid disappointment!

Image via Rue La La