Hermes Vibrato Birkin
11 December 2011

Hermes Vibrato Birkin

Everyone knows what a Birkin is, and what it looks like. Personally, I prefer the elongated version of the Birkin (you might have seen Giuliana Rancic toting hers around) called the Shoulder Birkin. And if you think getting your hands on a Birkin is akin to the Holy Grail, then the Shoulder Birkin is wayyy harder to obtain. Even one of the SAs at Hermes Singapore have commented that for all the 5 years that she has worked with Hermes, all her colleagues have never seen a shoulder Birkin make its way into the store. The shoulder Birkins that she has seen, are those on the arms of her customers. So there you have it.

Enter the Vibrato Birkin…

Hermes Vibrato 35cm Birkin Rouge Vif Togo Leather
35cm Vibrato Birkin Rouge Vif in Togo Leather.  Image via Christies


So we’ve talked about the Birkin and Shoulder Birkin. The Birkin you see in the image above – =and no, I assure you that it isn’t a fake – is called the Vibrato Birkin. This isn’t exactly a new version of the Birkin. In fact, it’s been around for quite awhile now, but not many people are aware of its existence. The strips you see above are also made of leather (although from the picture it CAN look as if it’s embroidered or something along those lines). Apparently, it’s harder to maintain that the box and swift leather, and doesn’t do as well in humid climates, and it also dirties quite easily. The one pictured above comes with palladium hardware, but the ones that come with the gold hardware differ from the hardware on the Birkins and Kellys because the gold on the Vibrato Birkin isn’t shiny, so it may appear brass-like.

There’s also a Kelly version of the Vibrato…

Gretchen Barreto with a Cyclamen 32cm Vibrato Kelly with Gold Hardware
Image via Birkin Watcher