Hermes Kellys That Are Good Enough To Eat!
12 August 2011

Hermes Kellys That Are Good Enough To Eat!

Months ago, I blogged about Hermes’s Limited Edition Kelly Picnic for Spring/Summer 2011.

Now, here are some totally delectable Kellys that will totally whet your appetite! Whether you’re Vegan or a health nut, there’s something for everyone!! ;D

The Herb Garden Kelly you can grow in your own garden

Well, Lady Gaga had the meat dress, and now here’s the Ham and Meat Kelly!
The Citrus-y Orange Kelly for all your Vitamins

Tomato Kelly

The Bread Kelly

Any my favourite, the Cheesy Kelly (no pun intended!) Since I am lactose intolerant, I shall revel in the beauty of this one. Love the colours!

Which is YOUR favourite?

Images via Hermes Facebook Page