Hermès Kelly Special Editions: Au Trot, Au Galop, Au Pas
1 January 2018

Hermès Kelly Special Editions: Au Trot, Au Galop, Au Pas


Wahey, it’s a brand spanking New Year! Since this is the very first post for 2018, I thought I’d kick off the year with something very special! Today, I introduce you to the Hermès Special Edition Kelly A Cheval bags. 

Translated from French, “Cheval” actually means horse. With the Maison’s heritage so deeply rooted in the carriage trade (they started out making harnesses and bridle for carriages hence the Duc carriage with a horse logo that remains till this day) and then later horseriding equipment including saddles, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that the iconic Kelly bag was given the equestrian treatment.

Those of you who are active on Instagram may have already seen snaps of the Kelly Au Galop so this may be the version that you’re most familiar with. Though the term “Limited Edition” has been used to refer to this particular Kelly, my source at Hermès has confirmed that it’s actually a Special Edition. In fact, the Kelly Au Galop isn’t the only one, because there are not one, but three Special Edition Kelly bags with this equestrian theme – there’s also the Kelly Au Pas, and the Kelly Au Trot. 



So, how do we differentiate between the three? Well, to tell them apart, all you have to do is look at the patterns on the top handle in a mix of leathers, and this takes 4 times longer to make, than the regular handles. The Au Galop has a zig-zag pattern; the Au Pas has a coloured strip down the middle of the top handle, and the Au Trot has a striped design.

My favourite would definitely have to be the Au Galop, and I guess that also seems to be the most popular of the Kelly A Cheval trio, because that’s what we seem to be seeing all over Instagram. Would about you? Are you Hermès collectors likey to add any of these to your collection?