Newsflash: Hermes Bags Costing Over 1.5 MILLION Euros!!
11 March 2012

Newsflash: Hermes Bags Costing Over 1.5 MILLION Euros!!

News about these Hermes bags were already out last week, but since I was in the middle of covering Fashion Month, I thought that I’d save it till I’m done with all the Fashion Week posts. Those of you who were waiting to see these bags, sorry to have kept you waiting in anticipation!

When anyone utters “Hermès”, we automatically think Birkin, a.k.a. the Holy Grail of all bags. And if you thought the Birkin would burn a hole in your pocket, well, think again. Hermès creates their most expensive line of bags that was released last week. These bags are works of art and are jewels in their own right, and no I don’t mean it in a metaphoric sense. They are in fact, considered as fine jewellery when translated from French (“Haute Bijouterie” as Hermes calls these babies). Designed by Pierre Hardy (a designer known for his shoes more than anything else), all of the bags under this line — and there are 4 in total – are made of Rose Gold, White Gold, Diamonds, Stones and Metals. Sac Bijou (jewellery bag) indeed.

Birkin: Sac Bijou in Rose Gold, White Gold and Diamonds
2,712 diamonds (Total Carat Weight:  89.22)
Hermes Iconic symbol: Chaine D’Ancre — sac bijou in white gold in diamonds
11,303 diamonds (Total carat weight: 86.24)
KELLY: Sac Bijou in Rose Gold & Diamonds
1,160 diamonds (Total carat weight: 33.94)
NAUSICAA: Sac Bijou in Rose Gold & Diamonds
1,811 Diamonds (Total Carat Weight: 28.87)

Your Bragging rights will definitely be bona fide!!

Walter Benjamin wrote an essay titled “Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. Well, looks like he has to eat his words because this definitely more like Work of Art in the Age of Manual Artisanship

Images courtesy of Hermès