Event Post: Fendi's Baguette Podium Exhibit & KLCC Store Re-Opening
29 June 2012

Event Post: Fendi’s Baguette Podium Exhibit & KLCC Store Re-Opening

Last night (Thursday 28th June), marked the re-opening of Fendi’s KLCC store, which was not only refurbished, but much larger than the original store before the renovation. To commemorate the opening, there was also the Baguette Podium, which was set up to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the “It bag turned icon”.
Termed “Baguettemania”, the Podium event is a sort of travelling city roadshow which kicked off in Paris on June 1st, followed by New York on June 5th, Milan and London on June 12th, Rome on June 14th, Singapore, and now Malaysia on June 28th. After this, the Baguette Podium exhibit will then make its way to Tokyo on July 10th, and finally, New Delhi on July 25th.

In terms of its claim to fame, the Baguette really owes a lot to HBO’s Sex and the City because not only did it feature prominently in the TV series, but let me remind you about that epic scene in one of the Season 3 episodes when Carrie was mugged in an alleyway. When asked to hand over her bag and her shoes, and referring to her purple sequinned Baguette, exclaimed “Hey, it’s not just a bag…. It’s a Bag-uette!”. After this, everyone was suddenly aware of what the Baguette was. And this was probably the defining moment that marked the beginning of “It Bag Mania”

LCD display of how a Baguette is made



The digital version of the Baguette Book

For its 15th Birthday, Silvia Venturinini Fendi had resurrected 6 Vintage Baguette designs from the Fendi archives. All of the 6 re-issue Baguettes have a plaque on the interior of the bag that reads “Limited Edition”.

First up, the Baguette Gialla, which was inspired by sunlight at the Chiaia di Luna beach. It is also the first bag which, although very couture- and evening-like with its beads and stones, was intended for day use. One of my faves!



The Baguette Specchietti, inspired by Baroque mirrors. I, on the other hand, thought that it instead reminded me more of India because the first thing that comes to mind is the Indian mirrors that are commonly found on the clothes, curtains and even upholstery,

The Baguette Zucca, embellished with enamels and seed pearls

Image courtesy of Fendi

The Baguette Jeans, inspired by everyday casual attire, because it was the first time after It Bag mania hit that a Bag was being thought of as an article of clothing, thus moving up the ranks from being thought of as an accessory .

Image courtesy of Fendi

Another of my favourites, the Baguette Paglia, made of straw, embroidered with florals and embellished with beads.

The last of the 6 Limited Re-editions, but certainly not the least because it’s absolutely my FAVOURITE, the Baguette Tucano, which was inspired by Rio De Janiero.

This is how the bag looks like when it’s completely open…

And now, the other Baguettes that were not only on display at the Baguette Podium, but also for sale!!

After the Baguette Podium, we stepped onto Fendi’s black carpet that led us to the new store, with Mizz Nina spinning at the event.
And this was what greeted us before entering: A window completely dedicated to the Fendi Baguette, with the Baguette Book in the centre (which I came home with! – more on that in my next post!)

Baguette wall display:

Don’t you just love the knotted beaded rope detailing on this completely crystal-embellished Baguette?

This Baguette somehow reminds me of an owl or a bird of sorts…

Filigree leaf Baguette reminds me of all things Grecian

It can’t get more exotic than this: Fur Baguette with Python trims

Lace and Linen Baguette

This Beaded baguette reminds me of the Flapper dresses from the 1920s! And, take note of the Baroque-esque picture frame logo detail

Another Flapper-esque baguette with the Baroque picture frame logo detail

At the event, I caught up with the Tongue In Chic crew, for a video interview about the Fendi Baguette. Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of me during the interview. Photos courtesy of Laydeh.

The night ended with a fabulous Fendi After-Party at Chinoz on the Park where DJ Goldfish spun

Thanks to Fendi for an amazing experience!! For more Baguette moments and videos, head on over to Fendi’s Dedicated Baguette Site!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the Fendi Baguette Book! ;D

All images by Stylicious Fashionista, unless specified.