Newsflash: Dior Lady Art #3 Limited Edition Bags To Be Hosted In Malaysia Tomorrow!
9 January 2019

Newsflash: Dior Lady Art #3 Limited Edition Bags To Be Hosted In Malaysia Tomorrow!

Since its launch, Dior‘s Lady Art Project is a partnership between the Maison and artists from all over the world, who are invited to reimagine the iconic Lady Dior bag however they like. Each artist is given the bag as carte blanche. No boundaries, only total creative license and freedom. It’s reinvention at its finest.

This third chapter of the Dior Lady Art project, for the first time, following the direction of Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, only selected women artists from around the globe. Hailing from countries such Colombia, Turkey, South Korea, China, USA, France, and Japan, and spanning across different generations, a total of 11 women artists were handpicked for this special project. Oh and what’s even more special, is that Dior’s Star Hill boutique in Malaysia is one of the few in the world, to host this special Limited Edition collection on January 10th (that’s tomorrow!) worldwide.

Now here are the masterpieces created by the artists:

Olga De Amaral (Columbia)

Dior Lady Art 3 Olga De Amaral

De Amaral’s art are part of collections in the world’s most prestigious museums. Her artworks are usually woven from leather, gold, and silver, serve as reflections of her Colombian history. For her Lady Dior creations, she chose her favourite material (gold) simply because it reflects and captures light much better. Yep, I said creations (plural) because she designed not one, but 4 bags inspired by her installations. She used embroidered cotton and linen squares which she covered with 24-carat gold leaf, all of which were hand-laid on both medium-sized Lady Dior bags. For the mini versions, she utilised bugle bead embroidery utilising beads made of metabolised tubes – one in gold and the other in silver – both made of calfskin. The ornaments and charms were all hammered by hand, as a tribute to true savoir-faire. The interior sports a blue fabric lining silkscreened with a rose design in gold, in memory of her secret garden.


Polly Apfelbaum (USA)

Dior Lady Art 3 Polly Apfelbaum

Apfelbaum’s installations are immersive in nature, and embraces many disciplines without ever sticking to just one. The mistress of mixed media, she experiments with painting, sculpture, ceramics, and even textiles. As a result, her artwork is colourful, and almost always kaleidoscopic in nature. For her Lady Dior, she created painted motifs reminiscent of optical illusions. The Medium sized bag includes a reinterpretation of the “wind rose” as one of the metal charms, as a homage to Monsieur Dior’s favourite House Codes: a navigational symbol. The mini version features the same motif, but in delicate cotton and silk embroidery.


Burçak Bingöl (Turkey)

Dior Lady Art 3 Bucak Bingol

Turkish artist Bingöl imbues a little bit of her homeland in her installations, regardless whether they take the form of surveillance cameras, or tapestries. Her native homeland permeates through all of her artworks, and the Lady Dior is no exception. Both the mini and medium bags are embroidered on glazed brown patent calfskin, with elements of 16th-century Iznik ceramics, but in fluorescent, with a tufted effect. The third mini version of the Lady Dior takes on the blue and white colours, significant to Moorish architecture, which were themselves inspired by Chinese porcelain. A confluence of influences, she uses unexpected materials such as faux fur in white silk, embroidered by hand with flowers in aluminium and blue acrylic, and plexiglas for the charms and handles, and embellished with silver accessories to match the silver lambskin lining.


Lee Bul (Korea)

Dior Lady Art 3 Lee Bul

Artist Lee Bul may be considered as a humanitarian and activist at heart, inspired by the marginalisation and oppression of minorities, patriarchal authority and ideologies on which totalitarian archetypes rely on, it’s no surprise that Chiuri handpicked her as one of the artists. Depicted in her works, art thus becomes a political vehicle through which she exercises and expresses her activism. She specialises in suspended sculptures, monumental installations, futuristic mechanisms, drawings, videos, and powerful performances. For the project, the artist has reinterpreted 3 Lady Dior bags, combining extractions of real work, reworked with a high frequency technique, and decorated with stone and aged silver charms. For the other 2, she simulates a sort of green moss that is hand embroidered, utilising silk threads. Round bugle glass bead on satin and organza adorn the mini version. All of the bags are lined in purple or shocking pink velvet.


Isabelle Cornaro (France)

Dior Lady Art 3 Isabelle Cornaro

Invited to show in prestigious museums around the world, such as the Louvre, Cornaro’s artworks involve embroidery, and lots of it. For her edition of the Lady Dior, the small version features a patchwork of precious chains, charms and symbolic ornaments in aged gold and silver, entirely embroidered on silk velvet, incorporating several important Dior House Codes: the figure-of-8 talisman, the clover, D-I-O-R held in a hand (symbolic of destiny), and a crown. For the medium size, the artist invented and developed a new material: a technical matte black leather with a rubbery appearance, yet smooth and luxurious to the touch, inspired by her series of black elastomer mouldings. Chains are also used as embellishments for this bigger size, but this time, positioned horizontally, creating the illusion as if they’re moulded in leather, much like cable-knits on sweaters.


Haruka Kojin (Japan)

Dior Lady Art 3 Haruka Kojin

The world is Kojin’s oyster, as she seeks inspiration from all things strange, unexplained, and enigmatic. She conceptualises the Lady Dior as an infinite space onto which she can unleash her creativity. Inspired by a bus journey and the impression of landscapes changing as a result of speed and motion, and reflections around the concept of contact lenses, the bags, are, for her, a matter of seeing – and nowhere is this more “true” than when it comes to matters pertaining to art. Art is usually perceived differently by different people, because it is after all, our histories and experiences that shapes our interpretations, and influences the meanings we assign to the artwork; our “ways of seeing”. But “seeing”, can also be taken more literally: Kojin has embroidered a multitude of transparent lenses along with gold and metal charms, which, seem like magic mirrors, or to me, precious drops of liquid mercury.


Li Shurui (China)

Dior Lady Art 3 Li Shurui

For Li, light, water, and air, serve as her primary source of inspiration. Her Lady Dior creation is a celebration of that which “can only come from the hand of man and with time”, thus a testament to the painstaking meticulousness of savoir-faire. “For me, the Lady Dior marks a concentration of the expressions of each era and season in which it has existed.” Her reinterpretation takes the form of a hypnotic hologram printed on embossed and coated fabric. Along with the D-I-O-R charms Li has also included an oval charm that looks like a small star, a symbol present in the artist’s works, in blue ombré which pays tribute to one of the Maison’s emblematic hues.


Mickalene Thomas (USA)

Dior Lady Art 3 Mickalene Thomas

American painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker, Thomas melds colours, landscapes, faces, bodies, and decoration. She reinterprets icons and art history references. Her medium-sized Lady Dior is a multicoloured collage made with a patchwork of beads, thread and organza, with ruthenium-coloured metal set with black crystals on the “O” charm.


Janaina Tschäpe (USA)

Dior Lady Art 3 Janaina Tschäpe

Munich-born Tschäpe works with painting, sculpture and video. Her creative output includes photography and drawing inspired by water and plants, including mythical aquatic beings. For her Lady Dior, the artist sought inspiration from corals which she imagined as a fragment of a mental landscape with a fantastical creature of the abyss. Made of smooth green calfskin embroidered with multicoloured cotton canvas with antique silver-coloured metal and charms in various shades of green, the bag is lined in soft pink satin: one of Monsieur Dior’s favourite colours because to him, it symbolised joy and femininity. To me, there’s nothing creature-like right here, but instead, something that is reminiscent of one of the couture pieces from the Dior archives.


Morgan Tscheimber (France)

Dior Lady Art 3 Morgan Tscheimber

Utilising concrete and bricks as her primary medium for her artworks, painter, sculptor, photographer, and videographer, Tscheimber is known for her welding expertise. Her Lady Dior draws inspiration from Japanese culture which also served as a muse to many of her own works. She created the “Shibari” bag, in 2 versions, reminiscent of the ancestral art initiated by the samurai. She works with a powder pink medium sized and mini black Lady Dior, both of which come with the House’s signature Cannage quilting. Rope is her primary element –  metal rope for the mini, and cotton for the medium – which she uses to “bind” the lambskin bags. Lined in fiery red, which Dior himself called “the colour of life”, the artist has a surprise for you on the inside: she has hidden secret words, revealed through movement inside the bag’s handles.


Pae White (USA)

Dior Lady Art 3 Pae White

Los Angeles-based artist White is known for producing gravity-defying dreamlike installations. Her interpretation of the Lady Dior made of dichoroic-metallic-calfskin comes with orange-gold jewellery. The shifting iridescent colour is reminiscent of the seemingly different coloured scales on a mermaid’s tail, depending on where it catches the light. Inside the bag, you’d find hidden charms and stories of folklorish descent such as a good luck moon, frequently found in teething rings of the late-1800s, as well as a reverse narrative to the children’s tale “The Spider and the Fly” which entraps the fly by seduction and flattery.

If you’re in Malaysia, you can head on over to Dior’s Star Hill boutique to check these Lady Dior works of art out! I’m certainly gonna be there tomorrow! Who else is coming?


Images courtesy of Dior