All You Need To Know About Hermès Kelly Clutches: the Kelly Cut, Kelly Longue, and Kelly Pochette
18 December 2020

All You Need To Know About Hermès Kelly Clutches: the Kelly Cut, Kelly Longue, and Kelly Pochette

You’ve seen our Ultimate Guide to the Hermès Kelly Bag Family, and now, here’s our guide to the smaller Kelly clutch versions, as promised!

Kelly Cut

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch Illustration

The Kelly Cut is oftentimes referred to as the Kelly clutch because it is a scaled down version of the Kelly. Like any of the bags from the Kelly family, it has the same straight cut top flap and touret (i.e. the belted strip of leather)that goes all the way around the bag. Rectangular in shape with an elongated silhouette, it cannot stand upright on a surface but instead, must be placed flat. But, it’s because of this, along with its collapsible top handle that makes it even more versatile: it looks great held by the top handle for evening use, as well as a flat casual day clutch because it looks just as amazing with jeans when clutched in your palm!

Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 2.5cm

Kelly Longue

Hermes Kelly Longue

The Kelly Longue, on the other hand, with its trapezoidal shape is more similar to the Kelly in terms of structure. Unlike the Kelly Cut above, the Kelly Longue is wider and taller, but also comes with a collapsible top handleHermès discontinued this bag in 2008, and the Kelly Cut was actually introduced to replace this. So, if you’re looking for one, the only way you may be able to source one for yourself, is by way of  the vintage and/or preloved market.

Kelly Pochette

Hermes Kelly Pochette Black Illustration

The Kelly Pochette is roomier than both the Mini Kelly, Kelly Longue and Kelly Cut. Its wide base also allows it to stand upright on any surface, but beware because it doesn’t come with protective feet. Oh, and if you plan on reselling it, it has a better preloved market resale value than the Kelly Cut, simply because they’re much harder to score. We’d also advise you to carry it with the top handle up, because it looks best when worn this way.

Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 7 cm

And there we have it, the clutches from the Kelly family! Stay tuned for the next one on other Hermès clutches coming right up real soon!

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Illustrations by @weimun_draws