Presenting: Marc Jacobs S/S 2010
20 September 2009

Presenting: Marc Jacobs S/S 2010

Yesterday, I featured Marc by Marc Jacobs, and today, it’s the Marc Jacobs line.

The Verdict: If we compare this to MJ’s Marc by Marc Jacobs collection featured yesterday, it may be said that one of the key elements this season for MJ is metallics, as we see them in both of his collections for S/S 2010. That aside, this collection, like the Marc by MJ collection, seems to lack a thread that “sews” the collection together. His signature diamond-shaped quilted detail (which has become one of MJ’s “signature looks” since the Stam) and Tassel embellishments are evident (albeit overdone and slightly OTT this season), yet, he also throws in brocade-like textured jacquard (see photo of waistpouch above), and a seemingly Bottega Veneta inspired woven two-toned design (see last photo). We seem to be given a little bit of everything in this collection, leaving the audience rather confused and befuddled as to what MJ is trying to actually achieve in this collection.

However, One thing’s for sure, Sling or Messenger-typed bags are definitely the flavour of the season for MJ, or at least, that’s a trend that he’s trying to revive.

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