Bottega Veneta Updates "Veneta" Bag
13 February 2015

Bottega Veneta Updates “Veneta” Bag

Bottega Veneta has updated the house’s iconic Veneta bag! And I’m loving the updated version much more (not to mention the pretty pastels they come in)!!

The previously triangular-esque armhole is now curved, creating ease when you rest your hand at the side of your body while carrying this around. 

Where there was once another plain leather strip in the middle of the handle and joined to the body of the bag, the new Veneta is now completely woven from a single Intrecciato piece, giving it a seamless look. The handle also now comes with soft padding to provide a cushy feeling, making it much more comfortable when slung on the shoulder, especially after being weighed down by the contents you put into the bag.

The base, which was previously much flatter, has been made wider, resulting in a roomier bag altogether.

Large RM 10580

Lastly, the braid surrounding the bag used to be made with raw edges now sports a slightly padded leather mignon for a 3D shape, which I prefer compared to the older version of the Veneta because it gives it a more rounded (hence less angular) look, which gives an impression of suppleness and the right amount of slouch that is characteristic of hobo-shaped bags.

The new Veneta is available in Medium and Large sizes, at RM 9,020 and RM 10,580 respectively.

Do YOU prefer the older or newer version?

Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta