Gucci Cruise 2018 Runway and Bags Report
13 June 2017

Gucci Cruise 2018 Runway and Bags Report

Alessandro Michele presented a very interesting Cruise 2018 collection for Gucci. With the opulent gilded gold headpieces that could be mistaken as the Hellenistic laurel wreaths, we later learn that it was instead an allusion to the Renaissance. But, like any Michele collection, it wasn’t all smooth-sailing grandeur.

On the one hand, with Gucci’s GG web motif and vintage G logo plastered on every item of clothing imaginable, whether on tights/stockings, socks, outerwear, on skirts, and everything else in between, it seemes as if the designer was telling us that LogoMania of the 1990s is here to stay. After all, it isn’t surprising because he DID spark off the return of the Logo trend with a vintage logo emblazoned  Gucci logo, front and centre, on the tee. Pretty soon, many other brands, including more contemporary labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and Levis, began to follow suit. Yet, despite going Logo Loco,  and in between all the bows, snakes, butterflies, and animals that we now classify as typical Michele, what also comes across very clearly, is a mocking of the hand that feeds him — and yes, in saying this, I’m referring to bold statements such as Guccy, Guccify Yourself, and Guccification all of which, ironically, are associated with LogoMania. But, I guess this is something that we all take in stride, because after familiarising ourselves with Michele’s aesthetic, he is a designer who exercises self-reflexivity in a simultaneously creative, and yet philosophical manner.

Now, let’s take a look at the bags:

There was an unmistakable revival of Gucci’s vintage silhouettes where the Cruise 2018 bags are concerned, and of course, what would a vintage-esque silhouette be, without the iconic GG web motif, racing stripe, and vintage GG logo right? The New Bamboo bag gets a chunky resin chain upgrade along with a blinged out handle. What seems to be the latest addition, is the feline head.

So, what are your thoughts on the collection? Are you, Logo-A-Gogo?

Images courtesy of Gucci