Givenchy's Pre-SS13 Antigona
8 November 2012

Givenchy’s Pre-SS13 Antigona

I’ve been raving about the Antigona for the longest time now. After all it was just a few months ago that I had finally found the Antigona of my dreams. Well, or so I thought. Call it a stroke of luck because as much as I loved the bag in that colour combination, it was only available at the Givenchy boutique @ Pavilion in the small size. As pretty as it may have been, I decided to let it slip by because I really wanted the medium size instead of the smaller version. 

You know what? I’m glad I waited it out because I prefer the Antigona in this colour combo SO MUCH more! While the one I saw was a little pale, but elegant in comparison, this striking colour combo in the shade of neon coral (never knew it was possible because coral is already vibrant enough) paired with the black accents just works. Plus, it’s more of my kinda colour anyway. Now, I just have to wait a few more months for Pre-Spring to come so that I can get my hands on this beauty!

Image via Givenchy