Givenchy's New Pandora vs the Old(er) Pandora
28 August 2013

Givenchy’s New Pandora vs the Old(er) Pandora

Givenchy’s New Pandora Box

Givenchy has launched a more structured Pandora for Fall 2013. Called the Pandora Box, it now comes with a long shoulder strap, with minor modifications in its silhouette. Just like the older version of the Pandora, it is still as bottom-heavy, but this newer version is more structured and boxy, and sans top handle (shown below).


Givenchy Pandora

Personally, I never liked the Pandora at all. Sure it was one of the bags that fashion bloggers the world over favoured, and even though the black distressed version with the gold studs from Fall/Winter 2012 was quite spunky, I still couldn’t get over the lop-sidedness of its silhouette. Some say that’s where its appeal lies, in it’s slouchiness, but it really isn’t my kinda thing. However, if we’re comparing it to the newer version that will be in stores for Fall 2013 (shown above), I prefer the Pandora version 1.0 (yes I just made the 1.0 up) because it offers more versatility – hey, more compartments (notice that there’s only one zip on the Pandora 2.0) as well as the top handle as well as a removable strap for carrying it on the shoulder as opposed to just one long strap to be worn cross-body or on the shoulder.

So which do YOU prefer? The current Pandora, or the Pandora 2.0 (Again, i’m making this up, lol) ? Which would it be for you? Or even none at all?

Images via Givenchy