Presenting: Fendi  S/S 2010
1 October 2009

Presenting: Fendi S/S 2010

Images via Style


The Verdict: Wooden-handled bags and florals (whether in tapestry or embroidered on linen) seem to be the key theme for Fendi come S/S 2010. But, is linen really such a wise choice for a BAG? Karl Lagerfeld (who is head designer for Fendi) seemed to think so. However, if you look at carefully, the floral linen edges have already flopped down in some of the photos above. If that is already happening on the Fendi runway, what would be the result if we were to use it as a day bag? A Flop of a bag, that’s what! Besides, the linen floral rectangular totes seem A LOT like those Vietnamese or Filipino table placemats or tablecloths and what-have-yous. Even for an absolute Fendiholic like myself, wouldn’t be caught dead carrying these placemat-looking bags.
Besides that, wooden-handled and framed bags seem to be the key trend of the season, or at least in the eyes of Lagerfeld for Fendi. In addition, Fendi’s new “It” bag, the “Peek-a-boo” (which was launched in S/S 09), I’m assuming that it seems as if it’s now making an appearance as part of the Selleria line, as revealed by the exposed topstitching that ONLY Selleria bags possess.

Perhaps the only look that I’m sort of liking, is the plexiglass clutches, be it transparent, mirrored, or studded. So, If you’re into studded stuff, fret not, because judging from the S/S 2010 collections that have been shown thus far, it seems as if studs are here to stay, or, at least till the end of Summer 2010 for now.