Furla's Alice In Wonderland Capsule Collection Hits KL
28 June 2010

Furla’s Alice In Wonderland Capsule Collection Hits KL


A collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso, the life force behind the Leitmotiv brand, have designed a capsule collection for the Furla Talent Hub with Alice in Wonderland as its inspirational theme, presented through a series of printed images.

Dreaming she is following a White Rabbit, Alice enters a surreal world; this feeling of losing oneself in imaginary scenes pervades the entire collection, which comes to life in headscarves, key and glass cases, elegant clutch bags, colourful doctor bags, fairytale umbrellas and naturally also classic bags blending the style of the Furla brand with the avant-garde of Leitmotiv.

The main theme inspiring the work of Leitmotiv is a surreal world cohabited by contrasting elements whose existence is justified by the dreamlike experience they engender, images multiply to become highly original patterns, and different shapes join in a single object to create unique accessories.

Scenes from Alice are evoked in luminescent tones, bejewelling the shapes and transporting the story into a flower-filled, summer world. The story of the collection is also told in images as seen through the eyes of the child Alice.

The double and triple bags and purses mimic the locks that Alice peers curiously and childishly into, standing on the threshold of a world within a world. Like in a kaleidoscope, image upon dreamlike image combines to make new and shifting patterns of images: glimpses of happy visions give life to printed patterns in which the colours of day and night come together to create spectacular scenes of sunset and sunrise, darkness and sunlight.

All text (quoted above) and Photos via Furla

The Verdict: Although I’m a fan of quirky and whimsical bags, I only like the first two bags (as shown above) from this collection — Gotta love the rabbit detailed closure on the first bag! The rest of the prints seem to be too dark (no I’m not talking about colour, but the vibe that the print exudes) and slightly too macabre for my taste.

Please note that all bags are in coated canvas and only selected styles from this collection are available at Furla’s Pavilion Store.