Fendi's "IT" Bag for Spring/Summer 2012: The B.Fab Bag
19 February 2012

Fendi’s “IT” Bag for Spring/Summer 2012: The B.Fab Bag

 Inspired by picnic boxes and a bag-in–bag gave rise to the birth of Fendi’s IT Bag for Spring/Summer 2012, the “B. Fab Bag”. This Bag-in-Bag isn’t exactly a novel idea – Marc Jacobs did it for his “Jet” line of bags with the contrast Oriental-brocade motif inspired printed bag within; Chanel did it 2 seasons ago as well. That said, perhaps nothing really is truly “original” these days (sorry that’s probably Baudrillard’s influence in me talking), but what’s interesting about this is the various guises and combinations it comes in, as well as the way in which the B.Fab can be worn; the shoulder strap can either be detached or attached in such a way that you can wear it as a hobo bag. And of course, Silvia Fendi paired most of the styles with Fendi’s iconic Pequin (yup, that’s what the stripes that are synonymous with Fendi are called).

First up, my favourite version of the B.Fab — the Dolce Marmol With Studs. This variant of the bag, complete with studs is probably something one would either just love or hate. And as I have mentioned before in my runway review of Fendi’s SS12 collection, some might feel that a candy machine spewed candy onto a leather bag, but I really love the candy colours on the leather! And guess what, although each bag will have the same amount multicolour studs in each colour, the arrangement of the studs for each bag are placed at random! In short, all bags differ with each other due to the placement of the studs.

My favourite colour: the beige/nude just makes the studs stand out even more! 

Or if you like the idea of the studs on the bag, but you’re not a fan of the multicolors, then this black studs on nude version is more subdued, and more rock-and-roll. 

Next up, The “Straw Paper” version of the B. Fab. Now, don’t let the sound of “straw paper” scare you, because it really isn’t made of straw nor paper. Instead, the bag is made of polyester braids.

A more simple version that is definitely office-friendly.

Leather with perforated suede interior

If you want the ultimate LUXE version of this bag, here’s the crocodile exterior with ostrich interior. I can just hear the cash register going “ka-ching!” with this one!

Yet another of my faves, the perforated leather version.

And lastly, the Beaded version

Note that all styles of the B. Fab bags will be available in 2 sizes.

Now which is YOUR favourite one?

Images courtesy of Fendi