FENDACE: Fendi by Versace
4 October 2021

FENDACE: Fendi by Versace

What a momentous occasion in Italian fashion this is! A union between 2 great fashion Houses, Versace and FENDI, gives rise to Fendacewith a distinct glamorous vibe, that’s equal parts Studio 54, and fierce. Here, the idea of duality is the key theme on which the entire collection is premised.

Fendi Versace Fendace Tote and Baguette Bag

Creative Director Kim Jones led the way with the melding of Versace’s iconic Greek key motif, and FENDI’s signature FF monogram which you’d see on not just the iconic Baguette bag, but also as chain strap detail on footwear, fashion jewellery, accessories, and bags. Chainmail is yet another highlight of the collection, as well as Versace’s signature Baroque prints, juxtaposed against the iconic Fendi FF motif appearing subtly in the background. Other signature Versace elements include the safety pin details, which can be found both on bags and Ready-to-Wear, as well as chainmail details, which have been transformed into chainmail made leather, and combined with lace and crystal-encrusted Fs as a reinterpretation of the Monogram. Where the bags are concerned, you’d notice both the FF-infused Greek motif, as well as the iconic Versace Medusa head in the middle, with the rectangular FF logo encased around it.

Fendi Versace Fendisace Safety Pins Baguette Bag

Fendi Versace Fendace Mini crystal Chainmail Bag

Love how Versace has injected its glamour, extravagance and rebelliousness into FENDI, don’t you?! This coming together of 2 iconic Italian brands would certainly go down in fashion history as a first!

It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship. It led us to swapping roles to create these two collections ~ Donatella Versace~


Images courtesy of FENDI