Event Post: Loewe's Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview
2 August 2011

Event Post: Loewe’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview

Held at Tanzini, in G Tower, the Loewe AW 2011 preview showcased THE bag of the season: the Flamenco. With the contrasting candy colours on the bags, I swear these are good enough to eat!

The centrepiece and the “bag” table.

The centrepiece “bouquet”/hanging mobile up close. Ok it really pains me and i really feel for these miniature charms — they were actually pierced through (click on image to enlarge and you’ll see what I mean). A beautiful statement centrepiece but, I don’t know how many of these miniature babies they had to destroy to make a beautiful “bouquet”. Don’t they just look like flower buds with the pom-poms as “pollen” hanging out from the flower? I wouldn’t have the heart to do such a thing to these babies, nonetheless, even though they would turn out this beautiful…

It’s true that it isn’t exactly something new for Loewe to have pom-poms on the bag in a contrasting colour (or well, pom-poms in general for that matter), but I suppose this is Loewe’s take on the colour blocking trend. Yes, I am fully aware that these are bi-coloured more than anything else because it doesn’t really scream colour block, so perhaps its more apt to say that it was inspired by the colour-blocking trend. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with these bi-coloured babies, and having seen them up close, the blue and the green one shown in the photo, really doesn’t do the colour justice. You really have to look at them up close! But as much as I love the blue & green version, the pink ones are the ones that have stolen my heart (see last photo). Available in 2 sizes, these Flamenco bags are super lightweight and made from the softest lambskin, and their retail price begins at RM6000++. Oh and did I mention, the length of the strap can be adjusted too?

Argh super cutesy and fun. I have been dreaming about these babies ever since I laid my eyes upon them!
Note: you need to beware as the supple lambskin scratches really easily, so I would advise you to wear as little jewellery as possible, and be careful with your keys when using this bag!

Images courtesy of Loewe