#PFW: Valentino Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS review
11 March 2013

#PFW: Valentino Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS review

How cool is it that this style of clutch has the initials of the models embossed onto them? Click images to enlarge for a closer look.

The Verdict:  This season, Valentino tones down their day bags a notch, with just minor studded embellishments and details, resulting in a minimalist all-leather approach. I must admit, though, that I am rather disappointed with this because I love my studs, and the Rockstud collection are RockSTARS to me! Perhaps the designers were opting for something more classic and toned-down. But why get rid of something so wildly popular? I certainly am not tired of them just yet!

For evening, however, the designers went all out for an uber-embellished approach, with pearl embellishments with the pyramid studs on top of them. If you’re reading this without looking at the photos above, you’d probably imagine them to be a disaster, wouldn’t you? But just look at the photos above and you’d realise that this isn’t quite the case because it’s jsut the right balance between classy and edgy at the same time. Even though the completely embellished ones might not be so practical to carry around, I love them all the same!

Images via Style.com