Milan Fashion Week: Gucci Spring/Summer 2012
28 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Gucci Spring/Summer 2012

Okay, I write this post with a heavy heart because it really really kills me to blog about Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2012 show knowing that I COULD have been there in person at the show, especially since it was on the first day of Milan Fashion Week (MFW) when I was still in London at that time. Yes, so close yet so far really has taken on a whole new (painful) meaning for me. You’d probably be asking now, if that’s the case, why wasn’t I there, yes? Well, at the time when I booked my flights and accommodation, I booked super-early (in May) – I thought I was booking well in advance! –  and even then, I was already on the waitlist. And yes, although we all can sort of guess and/or estimate when MFW would actually be held, well the week at least, the individual show schedule wasn’t yet released at that time, and being one of the bigger Italian designers, they tend to show later on in the week. So just to be safe, I declined an invitation (thanks for offering an invite darling! you know who you are!! xx), only to kill myself to find out that it was actually when I was still in London! Anyways, enough complaining. I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year, which seems like an awfully long time away, but nothing I can do!

On with the collection!

The Verdict: As usual, exotics on the runway have almost become a norm. Chain and tassel details seem to be key for Gucci’s SS 2012 collection, and not forgetting the enamel tiger heads on the mini smoking bags — yes I’m referring to the rectangular clutches on chains, and you might not be able to see clearly from the photo, but yup, they’re tiger’s heads on either side of the chain detail on the flap. Haha, someone (you know who you are) commented that the chain details look like they’re inspired by the thick gold chains that are usually adorned by the “Ah Longs” (translation: moneylenders/gangsters/loansharks), and how true that is, especially coupled with the Tiger heads it definitely ups the “Ah Long” ante ! Another thing worth mentioning is that the tassels are actually made of micro chains instead of leather, to provide more movement, ensuring that they “Swing with every step”. The clutches aren’t really my sort of thing, and I prefer the slouchy hobo bags but I can only imagine how heavy that chain must be (assuming that it’s solid). I must say, however, that in general, for a collection that’s filled with gold accents and details (in terms of the Ready-to-Wear), the bag collection, in my opinion, is lacklustre. What do YOU think?

Images courtesy of Gucci