Louis Vuitton's New Bleecker Box Bag
13 September 2018

Louis Vuitton’s New Bleecker Box Bag

Nicolas Ghesquière is on a roll with the reworking of archival pieces. First, it was Louis Vuitton‘s Vanity Bag for Fall/Winter 18, and now, the new Bleecker Box , which was also resuscitated from the archives. Originally from the  late-1990s the Bleecker was modelled after a jewellery box, so its understandable why this teeny-tiny cuboid bag comes with a top handle, equipped with a mirror on the inside, and finished off with the S-Lock clasp. Previously available only in Monogram Vernis (Louis Vuitton speak for patent leather) in a variety of colours including mint green, gold, and blue, this little darling has been re-introduced as part of an upcoming Vuitton collection.

Louis Vuitton Bleecker Box Vintage
Original Bleecker Bag, circa late-1990s
Louis Vuitton New Bleecker Box Bag
New Bleecker Box


This time around, the New Bleecker Box (above) has been updated with 2 small D-rings on either side of the bag, should you wish to attach a long shoulder strap, which allows it to be carried crossbody for a more casual look, along with a detachable hangtag that dangles from the handle, if you so wish. Leave the longer strap off, and you have an evening-appropriate clutch. The shape, handle, and S-Lock clasp on the new version remains unchanged, and while the New Bleecker Box will still be made available in Monogram Vernis like its predecessor of yesteryear, Vuitton has also added Epi Leather into the mix, in both mono-colours and tri-colour variations.