Lookie Likey: Louis Vuitton's New Bleecker Box vs. Moynat
4 December 2018

Lookie Likey: Louis Vuitton’s New Bleecker Box vs. Moynat

You’ve seen Louis Vuitton‘s New Bleecker Box, the darling little cubed-shaped beauty that the Maison resuscitated from the late-1990s which was given a new look as part of the latest Fall/Winter 18 collection. Today, I introduce you to Moynat‘s Mini Vanity to which the New Bleecker Box bears a striking resemblance to.

Moynat Mini Vanity

Like Vuitton, Moynat, founded in 1925 began as luxury trunk makers. The design of the cube-shaped Mini Vanity, was  inspired by the Maison’s rectangular box-like award-winning malle en marquis rouge, exhibited at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernest in Paris. Reinterpreted and fashioned as a a miniature trunk, with a unique angle-stitching technique, with the leather positioned at a right angle, and stitched together with a single linen thread. Its edges are then sealed and waxed with numerous layers, so as to prevent flaking that we sometimes experience, with our handbags. The bag is then finished off with a loop-esque top handle, and jewellery box-like metal lock closure reminiscent of the kind sometimes found on old school briefcases.

Moynat Mini Vanity Studded
Mini Vanity Studded

Available in either solid coloured goatskin in classic colours such as Black, Taupe, Pacific (Blue), Saffron Yellow, Pale Pink, and Mahogany Brown, and lined contrast-coloured goatskin, or more elaborate versions like the Mini Vanity Perforated (pale pink version in top pic) which has a lace-effect design in Pale Pink and Saffron Yellow, as well as the Mini Vanity Studded in Black or Pacific.

The Mini Vanity is a creation that travels through the past, the present and the future ~ Moynat Artistic Director, Ramesh Nair ~

And so, there we have it. Don’t you think both the Mini Vanity and Louis Vuitton’s New Bleecker Box, or rather, not just the new one, but even the original Bleecker Box from the late-1990s, look rather similar (see pic below)?Louis Vuitton New Bleecker Box Bag Epi Leather


Lookie-likey factor aside, my vote goes to Moynat, because I prefer the jewel-lock clasp and the loop-like top handle. Oh and if you’re probably thinking my favourite Mini Vanity would be the studded version, guess what – I actually prefer the Mini Vanity Perforated and the solid-coloured ones instead! *cue gasps*

Which do YOU prefer in this edition of the Battle of the Bags: Louis Vuitton or Moynat?


Images: Moynat and Louis Vuitton