DVF's Bags for Chinese New Year!
6 January 2017

DVF’s Bags for Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is approaching, and with that many luxury brands are releasing Chinese New Year Capsule Collections or Special Edition items specifically for the Asian market! For DVF, she has launched a whole collection of dresses  such as floral guipure lace dresses, tops, skirts, oversized cardigan sweaters, cool-weather wrap dresses, along with these bags, which make up the Chinese New Year Capsule Collection. Just as well because Chinese New Year means we go shopping for a new wardrobe for the New Year! 😉 Oh, and guess what? They’re all in red! Huat ah! 

First up, there’s this wristlet which is perfect for your daily essentials if you’re on errand runs. Or if you’re just hopping round to your relative’s place to do your rounds of CNY visiting as a form of paying respect to your elders, because it’s great for keeping the ang pows you may be getting too when visiting! Plus, at RM 440, it’s something that wouldn’t be breaking your bank account either!

And then we have this nubuck half-moon bag, which was created by DVF specifically for the festivity, which comes in two sizes, small (RM 840) and large (RM 1,230). If you’re looking for a perfect slouchy hobo crossbody bag, this would be it.

Ahhh writing about CNY has got me looking forward to the season! I tend to do my CNY shopping throughout the year, buying and setting aside clothes that I want to keep for CNY. The great thing is that I don’t need to do last-minute shopping, only to realise that there was nothing that I liked — the greatest horror story of all! Well, that along with these 2 words “SOLD OUT”.  The downside to shopping all year long and setting things aside for CNY, is that items that I’ve paid full-price for, would already probably be on sale, at least 50-60% off before I even get to wear them. I’m actually not much of a last-minute shopper – even when it comes to Christmas, I’d buy pressies with people I have in mind if I come across anything I like throughout the year. Oh crap, I just realised that the new clothes I’ve set aside for CNY are all black and white. Oops. Looks like I have to get some shopping done just before CNY this year.  *insert panic emoji* Have you done your CNY shopping yet?

Images courtesy of DVF