Dior's Ultra-Matte Collection
15 May 2020

Dior’s Ultra-Matte Collection

Remember when monochrome bags, labelled as “exclusive”, super rare finds which were so hard to come by and yet still highly sought after despite their expensive price tags in comparison to their regular cousins? Yep, Chanel had the “all black”, and Hermès had the “So Black” collection of Birkins and Kellys and Dior, too had its own version, known was the Ultra Matte Lady Dior which was completely in black, including the hardware.

Well, guess what? Because the Ultra Matte was so wildly popular, the Maison has created an entire collection comprising the Saddle, Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, in not just black, but also immaculate white, pink, grey, green and even blue! What a refreshing take this is on its bags, SLGs and accessories because no other brand has really done something in such colourways, apart from black.

My favourite, would definitely have to be that shade of dusky pink! What’s yours?


Images courtesy of Dior