Dior's Cruise 2013 Bags
18 June 2012

Dior’s Cruise 2013 Bags

The Verdict: So the Cruise/Resort season usually pays tribute to RTW instead of accessories, which is why there aren’t usually any new bags that are introduced. In short, it’s a “play it safe” season for bags while clothes are more laid-back and fun, with nothing that is overly fancy.

The favoured colour palette for Dior’s Resort 2013 seems to revolve around nudes, monochromatic colours, and pastels along with dusky shades of pink. Brighter colours such as lime, are used purely for as accents. And since leather goods take a backseat due to the focus on clothes, we see the staple Lady Dior along with the new house icon, the Diorissimo. The tri-coloured clutch – which is my favourite out of the lot! – is probably the only new shape and seasonal style that Dior will be introducing for Resort 2013.

Images via Style.com