Design Your Own Fendi Baguette!
31 March 2010

Design Your Own Fendi Baguette!

The Fendi Baguette had become an icon since Carrie Bradshaw (SJP), when told to hand over her bag to the mugger, said “it’s not a bag. It’s a bag-uette!” That was in the late 1990s. Ever since, we have seen the baguette in a plethora of textures, materials as well as colours. 2 years ago, Fendi released Limited Edition baguettes to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. The baguette, which was previously only available in 2 sizes – the baguette and the Mama Baguette – was now available as small evening bags/clutches as well as oversized clutches.

It was also during the 10th anniversary celebration, that Fendi introduced their first ever DIY Baguette: a white baguette that came with a set of magic markers that allowed you to unleash your creative whims and fancies and create your own personalised one-of-a-kind Baguette. Asian and Western celebrities (like Madonna) even contributed their baguette artwork, which was on display at a Fendi event.

This year, a second DIY Baguette has been released. It comes with a Needlepoint kit so all aspiring seamstresses can create their very own Baguette. You’ll never have to be faced with a situation where someone else has the same bag! Made of natural fabric (yes, it’s the bag is made of needlepoint canvas with square cut-out holes), it comes with 2 interchangeable straps – one leather and one fabric-, 3 design cards, 3 thimbles and multicoloured thread. The Baguette is your blank canvas so start unleashing your creative juices! Pre-Order yours for $995 via Neiman Marcus. Craft Couture just took on a whole new meaning!

Note: This kit is expected to ship no later than 22nd April 2010.