Trend Alert: Circle Bags
14 June 2019

Trend Alert: Circle Bags

Totes, hobos, satchels, and top handle bags have been pretty common silhouettes for a long time now, and more recently, bucket bags and belt bags … but circle bags? Circular zip-around coin purses were probably more common … until now, that is. This seemingly “new” shape hasn’t really been that popular, and even when we saw any hint of them, it was probably more for novelty’s sake. But, how times have changed. Just take a trip to the mall and you’d see these bags in almost every store, from fast fashion stores like Zara, Topshop, H&M and Forever 21, to luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Balmain, and even mid-luxury brands like Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff, Mansur Gavriel, and the latest contemporary cult brands like Cult Gaia.

Mulberry Circle bag
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Why the sudden infiltration of circle bags? We think that it all began with the rattan bags trend (which, had always been around since forever, in places like Bali, even before it rose to popularity) that came as crossbody bags, or in a top handle style. After some time, we started seeing these circle bags everywhere:  same silhouette, but just not in rattan. Now, they come various forms: quilted, embroidered, plain, or embellished, they come in fabric, canvas, vinyl, PVC, leather, or metallic leathers.

Circle Bags Cult Gaia Karl Lagerfeld

Circle bags by luxury and mid-luxury brands tend to be designed either as crossbody bags, or crossbody bags that convert into belt bags. Though I can certainly see the appeal given that it’s a fun and new shape to play around with, I’m not sure if it’s a silhouette that can withstand the test of time, the way totes, and top handle bags have. It’s definitely scores points for its cute factor, but personally, it’s not something I would want to have because its shape makes it difficult for me to organise the contents of my bag in it. I’m also not a fan of the semicircular zip-top because it makes it harder to access the main compartment. But, hey, maybe that’s just me?

If you’re #TeamCircleBag, here are some we’ve picked out for you below:

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