Ralph Lauren's Mini Soft Ricky Crossbody Bag
27 March 2014

Ralph Lauren’s Mini Soft Ricky Crossbody Bag

I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky bag ever since its debut last year. Though I really ain’t a fan of small bags (perhaps you could say I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of them ever so slightly), but this is quite a cutie! Plus, it’s roomy enough for all your essentials despite its size.  And okay, so I won’t lie –  the main reason why I have fallen for the entire Soft Ricky range (in every size) is because of their vibrant colours. Might I also add, that the Soft Ricky collection is one of the few that has such a wide array of colours, which is quite brilliant really, because then, it leaves everyone spoilt for choice, with no way of anyone saying no to these babies! I call that a fab marketing technique!

Interior View

Note: There has since been a launch of another newer version of the mini Soft Ricky which comes with both a crossbody strap and a shorter, single shoulder strap with chain details. With the short strap on, it is nestled just slightly below your underarms. The Ralph Lauren KLCC store only has this in navy patent leather. The crossbody version, however, is available in more than 10 colours (including bi-colour options). Both of these styles retail for RM 4,640.

Images via Ralph Lauren