Presenting: Chloe S/S 2010
7 October 2009

Presenting: Chloe S/S 2010

Chloe’s Many Firsts for S/S 2010!

Images via Style

The Verdict: Come this S/S 2010, Chloe pays tribute to “Exoticism”. The brand, who usually has a few standalone uber-Luxe pieces in exotics, be it in python, croc or ostrich, has unleashed a whole collection of bags on the runway that are all in croc leather. In fact, leather doesn’t at all make an appearance on the Chloe runway, except for the dual-toned bag sling/messenger bag (see 3rd pic above) which is a combination of nylon (again, a first for Chloe!, as they have never done any bags in nylon, EVER!) and patent leather. Apart from the structured box-like sling/messenger bag, the house of Chloe seems to have tweaked this year’s (2009’s) IT bag a little (the “Paraty”), and changed the piping bits that give the Paraty a “saddled” look, into a flap instead. However, the general silhouette of the Paraty remains. Though imho, I much prefer the Paraty to this new revamped look for S/S 2010.

Next season, designers seem to favour sling/messenger bags, bringing them back into the fashion cycle once again. If you have any messenger bags, don’t toss them out just yet! Save them till this S/S they’ll be in vogue once again.