Prada's New S/S 2011 Saffiano Leather Striped Line
12 April 2011

Prada’s New S/S 2011 Saffiano Leather Striped Line

Messenger Bag, $1,495

Top Handle Bag – $1,895

Briefcase Tote – $1,495

I LOVE Prada’s Canapa bags for S/S 2011 — you’ve probably seen it in the local Prada stores already, and yes, I’m talking about the striped and solid coloured bags with the leather pushlock detail closures. The fuchsia and Pink are TO DIE FOR! Anyway, while I’m loving those bags (I’ll be blogging about them within this week as well, so please be patient, lol) I really can’t say the same for the new striped Saffiano bags. I mean, bags from the Saffiano leather range are supposed to be more classic and chic with that understated luxury and uptown feel, but the new striped versions (albeit seasonal) of these Saffiano leather bags just exude a more athletic and sporty feel. In short, the Saffiano line seems to have undergone a momentary identity crisis, as the bags seem to fit more into the Prada Sport line, (even though they don’t make any in Saffiano leather for this line). What do YOU think?

Note: All the bags are available in other colours. To view more colours, head on over to Prada’s Online Store to view them.

All Images via Prada Online