#PFW: Valentino's Spring/Summer 2017 Runway and Bags Report
4 October 2016

#PFW: Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2017 Runway and Bags Report

I was eagerly anticipating Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Not just because I’m a HUGE Valentino fangirl, but more so because Pierpaolo Piccoli is going to make his solo design debut after Maria Grazia Chiuri’s departure to Dior. The show space, ironically, was at Dior’s older location in the Tuileries, and that familiar staircase that we probably already recognise after having watched the Dior and I film. That said, Piccoli might be doing things alone now, but the it was an astoundingly successful solo collection! This season, the dresses were vibrant, with plenty of lemon yellows, leaf greens, bright reds, and several shades of pink, including fuchsia. And somehow, with this collection, it felt that Maria hadn’t left at all – the same dreamy, feminine, and luxurious feel along with the Valentino DNA, remained intact. And he got a standing ovation too! Though I watched the show on livestream, I was, like his audience, cheering him on. He surpassed everyone’s expectations, and this is living proof that he is capable of doing it, even if it means doing it all by himself.

Now, let’s talk about the bags!

I was actually expecting an edgier, more glam rock sort of collection for the bags because I thought he was setting the tone (and scene) for his design aesthetic with his latest Rockstud Spike bag. But that vibe wasn’t anywhere to be seen on the runway at all! Instead, the bags were more refined, and he certainly toned things down. Sure the Rockstuds were there but everything somehow seemed more streamlined and restrained — he even used small and micro studs on some so they were sort of visible, but yet not quite, unless you looked really closely. Suede, too became part of the SS17 bags family, along with crystal embellishments. Oh, there is something I didn’t quite understand – those small squarish hard-cased crossbody bags – I mean, what can they really hold? And now with phones getting bigger, it can’t be a mobile case either. So the only thing that came to mind: card case or cigarette case, and I’m really hoping it isn’t the latter. Heh. Apart from that, I only have 2 words for Piccoli: Kudos and Bravo for a stellar SS17 RTW and bags collection! 

P.S. I know a lot of you feel that you already had enough of the Rockstuds, and with the Rockstud Spike it was overkill. Well, I didn’t like the Spike but I still love my Rockstuds dearly!

Images via Vogue Runway