#PFW: Chanel Fall/Winter 2012 Runway & Bags Report
14 March 2015

#PFW: Chanel Fall/Winter 2012 Runway & Bags Report

This season, Karl Lagerfeld set up a restaurant at the Grand Palais and calls it Brasserie Gabrielle for the Fall/Winter 15 runway show. The show set was complete with bartenders, booth seats, and dining tables. The models came into a restaurant, and then took a seat throughout the restaurant to mingle with one another and to snack on sweet treats so we actually get to see the models nibbling… *cue audible gasps*


Oh hey Cara and Kendall!


Karl Lagerfeld commented that with this collection, he wanted to show “a vision of France from a stranger who thinks France is not that bad”.



Yikes, what’s up with the shoddy workmanship? Loose threads dangling from the quilting?  *gasps*





Uhm, doesn’t this seem like Karl took inspiration from Moschino’s Biker Jacket bag by Jeremy Scott? Also, this is a version that is, in my opinion, quite poorly executed.


Doesn’t this look like one of those Chanel Beaute compact cases?



For the Fall/Winter 15 bags, there were some that I absolutely loved, and then there were those which was, to be honest, induced an “OMG what was Karl thinking” reaction. Let’s start with the latter. Really, now, what is up with the voluminous, bulbous dumpling-esque details? They kind of made me think that Karl had caught a cold, made dumplings of his tissues, and then dyed them the appropriate colour, and affixed them onto the bag and decided to call that a design (and yes, I’m also talking about the clothes too with this pattern, but for the RTW maybe he thought that it would provide better insulation, since it’s for the FW season after all). And then there was that Moschino-inspired jacket bag which I’ve already commented on above, and. although not actually woven, the mosaic-typed bags kind of struck me as trying to emulate the Bottega Veneta intrecciato.

Okay, now on to the good stuff, which were mainly the evening bags: I thought the double plate clutch was rather quirky and novel, the caged interwoven leather clutch was rather precious, and of course, my ultimate favourites, the Number 5 and Interlocking C logo clutches! Not a fan of oversized logos, but I’m drawn to the double C one. For day, how can one not love the Menu clutch in green? That is certainly going onto my wishlist  RIGHT NOW! Can Fall come any sooner???

Images via Chanel-News, Style.com