Trend Alert: Meghan Markle's Strathberry Mini Crossbody Bag
9 April 2018

Trend Alert: Meghan Markle’s Strathberry Mini Crossbody Bag

If you live outside of the UK, it’s probably likely that you haven’t heard of Strathberry. In fact, the brand was only brought to my attention when it became the hottest bag, thanks to Meghan Markle. Yep, the bag is completely sold out on the official website, and not just in this very colour, mind you, but in every single colourway available. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “royal watcher” and I have never been one.

But, ya’ll know that since I’ve injured my back, I’m always on the lookout for small or mini bags. And when I saw this on Markle, I thought, hey, it looks pretty decent! So I thought, why not feature this right here on the site not because it’s yet another bag that skyrocketed to fame thanks to the royals, or, in this case, soon-to-be royal, but it’s also one that I actually happen to like. While I do admit that I love my luxury labels, I’m not a complete designer snob, either.

Meghan Markle Strathberry East/West Mini Crossbody

For such a teeny-tiny structured bag, it certainly is roomy, thanks to its accordion silhouette. What I actually like about its design, is that it doesn’t play the “lookie-likey” game by seeming as if it’s inspired by another, more “mainstream” luxury label. I love the minimalist design, and and the skinny bar hardware through which the top flap slides into. It’s simple, understated, and elegant. Though I love my pops of colour, I quite like this shade of deep green. After looking at all the colour options available on the official website – there are 15 of them in total including bi- and tri- colour options if you’re not a fan of solid colours. I have to admit, that after seeing the bi-coloured options, I think I’m actually loving the bag even more! haha

Strathberry x In The Frow East West Mini Crossbody Plum Rose

This version in this Plum and Rose bi-colour (a collaboration between Strathberry and blogger/YouTuber, Victoria a.k.a. In the Frow) is actually my favourite. Where solid colours are concerned, the “bottle green” version as seen on Meghan Markle, comes in at a close second.


Images via Strathberry