Louis Vuitton's New Wave Multi Pochette Accessoires
25 September 2020

Louis Vuitton’s New Wave Multi Pochette Accessoires

Louis Vuitton‘s Multi Pochette Accessoires caused a frenzy when it made its debut. Not just fashionistas, but virtually almost everyone was clamouring to get their manicured talons on the detachable versatile trio of bags that could take you from day to night in an instant. The bags were super hard to come by, and quite a handful of people who managed to get their hands on them, were reselling them for a profit because it was nearly impossible to score one. The craze over the Multi Pochette Accessoires hasn’t really died down, and its introduction spawned a couple of similar typed bags by other brands that came after the Vuitton version – yep, the Re-Edition bags by Prada is one of ’em.

Now, Vuitton is back with a new version: the New Wave Multi Pochette Accessoires. And, just like the bags from the New Wave collection, they come in chevron-quilted leather, in olive green, black, and white; both the green and are completely mono-coloured, complete with a wide “Louis Vuitton” embroidered canvas straps, while the white has a pastel pink coloured strap. Unlike its Monogram Canvas predecessor that comes with 2 pochettes, the New Wave version only comes with one envelope-styled flap pochette with a removable chain shoulder strap, and a detachable circular coin purse on the strap.

Personally, we’ve never been fans of the Multi Pochette Accessoires in Monogram Canvas, but we really do like this New Wave edition because it’s so much classier. It’s a pity, though, that the white, which, in our opinion, looks the best of them all, but the pink strap kinda spoils the entire look. Because of this, the mono-coloured olive one would be our pick.