Louis Vuitton's Multi Pochette Denim
27 February 2020

Louis Vuitton’s Multi Pochette Denim

Louis Vuitton‘s Multi Pochette virtually had the world scrambling to get their manicured talons on it, to the point that demand far outweighed supply. This then led to resellers laughing their way to the banks, as fashionistas sought them out, paying way over the retail price just so they could own the bag.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Denim

Now, Vuitton has come up with the Multi Pochette Denim, where, for the first time ever, the iconic checkered Damier is combined with the Monogram. The result: a motif that resembles a patchwork of sorts, with a the same combination of a larger and small pochette with a detachable chain link strap, coin purse, and detachable red jacquard Louis Vuitton branded strap like the original Multi Pochette, to complete the look.

Personally, I ain’t a fan of this version. Versatile as it may be, this denim variation looks rather el cheapo. #sorrynotsorry The  original Monogram Canvas version is waaaayyy classier. Don’t you agree?


Images via Louis Vuitton