Gucci's "Guccy" Mini Crossbody Bag
20 April 2018

Gucci’s “Guccy” Mini Crossbody Bag

One of Gucci‘s latest bags from the Spring/Summer 18 collection that’s making headlines is this Guccy mini shoulder bag. I’ve been seeing so many of these in street style photos, and on über-influencers, in all of the colours that it comes in: white, black, and gold, but I haven’t really seen that many in this shade of teal, so I thought I’d use this colourway in today’s post instead.

Gucci Guccy Crossbody

As we all know, Creative Director Alessandro Michele is big on making a statement, particularly with throwback cultural references in his collections, and this bag is no exception.  I’m guessing that for some of you who used to play video games, whether in arcades or on your own gaming consoles at home in the 1980s and 1990s, would find the “GUCCY” font somewhat familiar, because I know I did. Yup, it’s the same graphic font from the SEGA logo, and Sonic the Hedgehog was my guilty pleasure back then.

I have to say though, I’ve never been a huge fan of brands that are emblazoned on bags, because, I just find them too attention-seeking, even more so than monograms and logomania. To me, for the brand to be splashed in bold right across the bag is kind of like, “hey, I paid so much for this, so I need to announce it to the entire world”.  This, combined with the Baroque frame motif surround the bag, along with the stars, well, it certainly oozes the major multi-cultural/historical/generational throwback vibes, but it’s a tad OTT for me.


Image courtesy of Gucci


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