Bottega Veneta's Beak Bag for Spring/Summer 2021
22 March 2021

Bottega Veneta’s Beak Bag for Spring/Summer 2021

Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta has been naming the seasonal collections, and the latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection is now known as the Salon 01 Collection. If you’re thinking, “wait a minute, why does this look familiar?” – yup, you got that right, because it’s similar to the Envelope Pouch which made its debut last year, as part of the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, but with some minor adjustments.

Known as The Beak (what a clever name innit, because the triangular flap does look like a beak, doesn’t it?), it’s also squishy like its Envelope cousin, but this time around, with a more defined flap, thanks to the slightly raised outline on the flap, and instead of a pouch/clutch, it’s a crossbody bag. Open the flap and you’d realise that it was constructed in the style of a drawstring bag, with the adjustable puffy tubular strap threaded through the top of the bag and that’s how it also gets its creases on the front.  The Beak is available in 2 sizes, in the colours of the season such as Seagrass, Chalk and Lavender. 


Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta