#PFW: Chanel's Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & Bags Review!
7 March 2013

#PFW: Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & Bags Review!

Image via @bof Instagram

The Chanel set is something that I look forward to every season, and for Fall/Winter 2013, it was, in true Karl fashion, yet another truly elaborate, and not to mention, memorable one. A massive 3D globe stood in the middle of the circular runway, and the models, walked around the globe, like planets, orbiting around Earth, or rather, the Chanel Universe. Was this Karl’s way of saying that Chanel IS the world that planet Fashion revolves around? Well, whatever the message that he was trying to put across, Chanel is most definitely set for world domination.

Twin “Boys”  anyone??

The Verdict: Apart from the new seasonal bags that we saw on the Chanel Fall/Winter 2013 runway, we see the new classics being experimented with in terms of newer shapes. Material-wise the “Boy” will be available in Soft Patent and iridescent leather as well as matte croc, and even one with multiple chains, which I absolutely adore! But.. there’s also a new silhouette for the “Boy” that actually looks like 2 boys joined together at the hip, with a leather piece in the middle that is used to attach them. Let’s call them the “Boy” twins because one just isn’t good enough.

And then there’s the star of the Spring/Summer 2013 season, the Lego clutch, and this time, it’s back, and even more glammed up than ever before: with tweed middle sections, and all blinged out in glittery sequins for evening. I’m sure if you didn’t want the Lego clutch before, you certainly would want one after seeing this. Now let’s hope the Lego clutch becomes a classic instead of something seasonal.

Images via Style.com