My 2 New Loves: Alexander McQueen's De Manta Clutches
16 August 2012

My 2 New Loves: Alexander McQueen’s De Manta Clutches

I’ve been obsessing about Alexander McQueen‘s De Manta clutch for a long time now and you might remember that I’ve written about it on numerous occasions. Loved it ever since I laid eyes on it, even before it made it to the Gossip Girl Season Finale.

When multilabel boutique Antoinette opened in Star Hill told me they stocked Alexander McQueen, I was over the moon! Well, until I asked and they didn’t know what it was. And now that Club 21’s new multilabel store will be stocking McQueen when they open their doors to the public in Pavilion next month, here’s to hoping that this will be available in KL!

Here are my 2 new current favourite De Mantas…

First up, the suede and leather version in Royal Blue. Available via Zappos

Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch in Royal Blue

And this one.. Is it even possible that I love this even more than the the one above? The Pink and red colour combo is TO DIE FOR! Oh and if you didn’t already know, I’m also a massive fan of artsy looking flowers/florals and digital art-typed florals  (but don’t get them confused with the English-looking country-esque flowers, which I’m not at all a fan of!). Haha, yes, I’m THAT picky.

Alexander McQueen “Big Flower” DeManta Clutch

There’s a little Oriental vibe going on with this bag, but what I love most about it is the contrasting brocade-like textures! And though I’m not a fan of red, there’s just enough pink for me which then makes the red bearable. Femininity is definitely in full bloom with this one! Slightly more pricey than the one above, it’s available for Pre-Order via Neiman Marcus

Which do you prefer?