Make Your Own Hermès Jige Clutch
16 July 2012

Make Your Own Hermès Jige Clutch

I’ve been in love with the Hermès Jige Clutch for the longest time (my Fave Jige clutches here !) . But just like any other Hermès item, it’s almost impossible to get your manicured talons on it, unless you’re a VIP customer. So here’s a fun Hermès DIY project for you. 

There are 5 designs for you to chose from on the website – all you have to do is download the PDF and your’e good to go!


This is how the printable sheets look:

Aren’t they all super cute and fun to play with? 

If you don’t fancy the designs above, here’s a plain one that you can design yourself! 

For this Hermès DIY Jige Clutch project, you will need:

  • scissors
  • colour printer
  • glue gun

My suggestion is to use thicker paper and not the normal 80gram type that one usually uses for regular printing. In fact, a laminated sort of thicker paper (think matte photo paper instead of the glossy type and hence double sided tape instead of glue) would be even better because it means you can actually use the clutch. 

P.S. I’ve experimented a little, and i’ve realised that instead of a clutch, you can also use it as a flat continental wallet (sans compartments and credit card slots of course)! However, if you prefer it as a wallet, then don’t stick on the 2 triangular pieces (that are supposed to form the side panels of the clutch) from the template. Of course, the wallet option would only work if you’re using stiff paper, else it would just end up really creased and dog-eared from being in your bag.

Next option? You could also use it as an envelope to send your letters in! Call me old-fashioned but I love receiving and sending letters. I know we’ve moved onto emails but then nothing beats a hand-written letter. Much more meaningful and personalised, well at least to me anyway! If you’d like to take up this option, Again, omit the sides, so that it’s flat like an envelope. And if you’re going to be using it as an envelope, then normal paper that you print on would do 🙂

Download all the templates and Let’s get crafty!

Happy crafting! xx

Images via Hermès