Love It Or Hate It: Burberry's Safety Pin Clutch
14 May 2018

Love It Or Hate It: Burberry’s Safety Pin Clutch

I have a feeling that today’s featured bag is the sort that you’d either love or hate. I came across this bag, thanks to my friend, who was doing some bag browsing online. She sent me a screenshot of these Burberry “Pin” Clutches and said, “so diaper bags are in now? LOL”. When I read this, I thought she meant that women sans babies were going around with diaper bags and appropriating them as tote bags. What I didn’t expect, was to see these foldover leather clutches with an oversized safety pin.

Burberry Safety Pin Clutch

My friend was obviously appalled at the sight of these clutches. I mean, I could understand where she was coming from, with the diaper/baby nappy reference, but as most of you already know, I love chunky hardware so nappy or not, I actually really like this clutch, haha. Sure, it also reminds me a little of the Bodhi bag with an oversized safety pin for a handle that we saw on Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, but hey, who cares?

Burberry Safety Pin Clutch Crystal Clasp Detail

This Burberry clutch comes in 2 sizes (small and medium), in materials such as velvet and satin (MYR 5,500 each) and leather (MYR 5,900). The safety pin, or rather, what the brand refers to as an “archival kilt pin”, thus inspired by the pins Scots wore on their kilts, comes embellished with crystals for velvet and satin, or gold/silver tone for the leather versions (more colour options here). If you’re wondering whether the pin is a clasp that you need to undo each time you open your bag, or if you’d be piercing multiple holes on your bag, rest assured, it isn’t that bothersome – it comes with a magnetic foldover closure.

Well, you already know my stand on these clutches, and the coral-coloured leather medium-sized one with the gold pin is my favourite. Now, the question is, what about YOU?

Are you #TeamHappyNappy  like me, or #TeamDreadfulDiaper (yes I totally just made these up)?


Images via Burberry