#LFW: Pre-Order Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway BAGS now And Get Them Before It Launches in Stores!
19 February 2013

#LFW: Pre-Order Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway BAGS now And Get Them Before It Launches in Stores!

Burberry has certainly outdone themselves this season. What we thought was the usual nude wall with the house checks engraved on it had a surprise within it this season. And I say within because halfway through the show, the double doors slid open to reveal British musician Tom Odell on the piano with a mini-choir providing the backup vocals. Odell performed his debut single “Hold Me”, which is set for release on 31st March. A true live performance and a real preview in every sense of the word – not only did we get to see the AW13 collection which will only land in stores 6 months from now, but also got to listen to Odell’s song before its release. If you missed the runway show live, you can still watch the FULL runway show via the on-demand service Right here

Tom Odell performing n LIVE at Burberry’s AW13 WRTW Runway Show

In usual Burberry fashion, you can now Pre-Order the Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway coats and bags from now until March 3rd via their “Runway to Reality” service. And that’s not all, because things just got a little more fabulous this season. But you’ll have to read on to find out what it is!

The bag that accompanied most of the look was this small clutch with a gusseted top and padlock detail, which Burberry has named “The Crush”. From the season’s theme of animal prints and hearts in calfhair, to eyelets, studs and exotic skins, the Crush is available in all these guises.

The Crush: RM 4,995 to 6,095


The Crush: RM 5,295 – 9,395


The Crush RM 5,295 (left) and RM 11,495 (right)


The Crush: RM 5,295 to 49,995


The Crush: RM 5,295 to 49,995


The Drawcord Bag: RM 8,295 to 11,295,  Heart print calfskin bag (bottom right) RM 7,695


Top Handle bags (middle column) RM11,295 and RM 8,295, Drawcord bags: RM 8,295 to RM 11,495

When it comes to fashion in the digital domain, Burberry has always been the leader in digital innovation. This season, and only during this Pre-Order period, Burberry is offering a bespoke service. Known as “smart personalisation”, features personalised engraved nameplates that would say “Burberry Made For (insert your name here)” on all the runway coats and bags during this period. You’d get both your coats/bags along with the personalised nameplates within 9 weeks – that’s 3 months before the collection launches in Burberry stores worldwide!

What’s more, upon contact with any touch screen device, each piece unlocks a video experience – you’d get to see your bags/coats being made, the original design sketches along with the runway edits, and the personalisation process. And if you make your way to Burberry’s London flagship store on 121 Regent Street, you can have your items enabled to trigger your content on large-scale mirrors that will automatically transform into screens! The boundaries between the virtual and the “real” have officially blurred with this technology!


Argh it’s so fab that I would want to buy something just so I can have my very own nameplate saying “Made for Bei Yan”!! Would YOU be pre-ordering anything from Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway collection? Click Here for the complete collection of AW13 Runway coats and bags available for Pre-Order now with all prices in MYR! Not from Malaysia, don’t worry, just edit the country and the prices will appear in your local currency! ;D

All images and Video courtesy of Burberry