Kate Spade's Donkey Piñata Bag
24 March 2017

Kate Spade’s Donkey Piñata Bag

While I certainly have a weakness for bunnies and flamingoes, donkeys have always had a special place in my heart. And I owe it all to Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, because it was from that very moment during my childhood, that I decided donkeys are adorable. I have to admit, though, that I didn’t find this donkey piñata bag by Kate Spade that cute, but after actually seeing it being clutched under the arm like in the photo above, I’ve changed my mind, and found it rather endearing, especially when carried in this manner because of the sentimentality it exuded – don’t you think it seems as if it evokes fond memories of our precious toys? *awwwwww*

Now, here’s a closer look at this donkey piñata that’s made off metallic gold fringed leather, and embellished with pom-poms on both its head and feet. See that little flap on the donkey’s back? That’s how you access the bag’s main compartment. And if you’re wondering when this donkey will be dropping in stores, it’s gonna be available this summer!

Creative image via Vogue RunwayProduct Shot courtesy of Kate Spades