Jil Sander "Vasari" clutch - the most expensive brown paper bag ever!
31 August 2012

Jil Sander “Vasari” clutch – the most expensive brown paper bag ever!

Behold the world’s most expensive brown paper bag….

Jil Sander Vasari Clutch Paper Bag

The “Vasari” clutch (yes, it’s labelled as a Clutch, I kid you not!) is from Jil Sander’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection, retails for and £175 for the small and £185 for the medium (that’s approx. RM875 and RM925 respectively), and it’s made of coated paper. Yes, really. Okay, so it’s stamped with the Jil Sander logo and stitched at the seams with two metal eyelets at the bottom to make its contents “breathable”, but really, now what is up with this?!

Jil Sander Men's Fall/Winter 2012-13 Runway Vasari Clutch paper bag
Jil Sander Men’s FW 2012-13 Runway shots via NY Daily News

Now, would you be toting your sandwiches and juices in this Jil Sander “clutch”? When Jil Sander released the coloured plastic Market Totes for £85 I thought that was already ridiculous enough. When I saw this paper bag Vasari “clutch”, I really was gobsmacked. It’s beyond insane really! And just how long will this coated paper bag last, and it’s not even made of tyvek (rip- and water- proof paper) that the mighty wallets are made of.

While I might think that this is really madness, there are obviously some hardcore Jil Sander fans out there, or just folks with lots of money to burn because the medium size is already sold out on e-tailer LL-CC.

What do you think? Crazy good, or crazy insane?