Goyard's Minaudière Trunk
26 November 2018

Goyard’s Minaudière Trunk

Just like Louis Vuitton, Goyard, too, had its beginnings in travel trunks and leather goods dating back to 1853. It was thus its heritage that inspired its latest creation: the Minaudière Trunk.

As its name suggests, it is a miniature version of the Goyard trunk, with elements of its larger ancestor: with yellow or red lambskin lining (but in this case, it’s yellow or white), with initials of the craftsman who made the entire bag by hand, as well as the production date, and number, for authenticity verification. On its exterior, is Goyard’s signature coated jacquard “Y” chevron monogram, trimmed with leather, micro studs, and a flip-top clasp. Available in 5 colours – white, grey, black, black and tan, and gold – it also comes with a harness-esque detachable Y-shaped leather strap, just like the one that you see on the House’s monogram.

Goyard Minaudiere Trunk
The Minaudiere Trunk, With Strap Attached

Okay at this point, I know what you’re thinking, so let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Yep, I agree that it certainly looks a lot like one of my favourite bags, the Petite Malle. And, given that it was launched only in February this year, it really does seem as if it’s a Vuitton copycat (especially with the strap detached) despite their similar histories and beginnings. Well, whatever the reasons may be for creating the Minaudière Trunk, but I personally feel, that in terms of design and materials, the Petite Malle possesses more of that “luxe factor” compared to this Goyard one right here. Or, perhaps my opinion is biased because I absolutely adore the Petite Malle.

What about you? Do you prefer the this, or the Petite Malle?


Images: Goyard