Fendi "Mia" Clutch
22 October 2009

Fendi “Mia” Clutch

Now that Fashion Week has come and gone, let’s get back to what we can expect to see in stores currently.

If you were an avid reader of my previous Bagfetish blog, you’d know that I’m a total Fendi-holic.

A couple of months ago, Fendi launched their latest “Mia” collection that (often) comes with chain link straps and slightly ruched leather/monogrammed Zucca jacquard (well, not totally ruched, but the bits that are attached to the elongated logo anyway). Due to academic obligations at that time, I wasn’t able to attend the launch of this fabulous collection. =( However, all things said and done, the “Mia” collection is Fendi’s classiest collection (imho) to date. Dare I say, although it’s Chanel-esque with the chain link straps, I prefer this collection to anything Chanel anytime. Classy and roomy enough at the same time.

Featured here today, is the oversized clutch cum shoulder bag (that comes with a detachable strap) from the “Mia” collection. Lined in Satin, this roomy oversized clutch is in fuchsia is the perfect jewel-toned colour to add a pop of colour to your Fall outfit. Who says Fall/Winter has to be dark, earthy and gloomy?? Get this beauty for £573.91 via Net-a-Porter today!